Chaucer’s London – archaeologist Kevin takes us there

Here’s former Museum of London archaeologist Kevin talking about what’s on the menu for his Chaucer’s London Virtual Tour.


“when Adam span and Eve delved, who was then the gentleman?”

“all the Friars were distinguished by their habits”

“he had a close association with the royal family”

“it was more of a palace than a castle”

“that job was like being put in charge of Facebook and Amazon and Google for London”

“all the people who were grazing their animals outside the city would have to bring them back inside – or be left out”

“we go where the pilgrims started their pilgrimage to Canterbury”

“we take a look at the route of the pilgrimage”

“we go for a boat ride to Westminster”

“he was accused of beating up a friar”

“we look at the Black Death cemetery”

“we end up at one of the few surviving mediaeval churches”

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