What Christmas is as we grow older

Richard IV is a “professional reader.” A broadcaster. As well as a stage, television and film actor. And London Walks guide. He’s read – recorded – any number of books for Audible. (Go to www.audible.co.uk and do a search for Richard Burnip.) So this is the most wonderful treat, a delightful Christmas present. In short, Richard’s gifted us with a reading of a Dickens Christmas story. It is, needless to say, a rich, compelling, sonorous listen. In a word, well, two words: supremely professional.

And, as always, his introduction brilliantly informs, entertains, leads naturally to the performance itself.

Dickens’s words, Christmas and Richard Burnip’s voice, it doesn’t get better than that combination.

For further “reading” – well, more “quality time” in this vein – try one (or more) of Richard’s Virtual Tours. Needless to say, the one I’m going to single out at this time of the year is The London of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol.

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