Up Ahead – the Christmas Lights of London

The Light Show of Light Shows – all of them, all the main London Christmas Lights Extravaganzas. This is a guide to them, a tour of them. Well, it’s a trailer for, a guide to David D.’s Virtual Tour of them. If I were coming to London for Christmas season I’d definitely go on David’s London Lights – Christmas in the Capital Virtual Tour before leaving for London. It’s the only way, really, you’re going to see the whole shebang, unless you want to spend your whole time here having a checklist London Christmas Lights holiday. David’s survey means you can narrow the field down when you’re here, just go to the one or two that you most like the look of. Plus with David D. you get the history. And you’re warm and cozy.

Anyway, a tip: as you listen do bear in mind that on the Virtual Tour you’ll be seeing all of these streets and their Christmas lights that he’s talking about here.

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