The Best Kept Secret of the 20th Century – Little Venice, Part 3

“So much to enhance the cultural scene” – why always saying “Heil Hitler” did for the Nazis – a dog called Friday – “you’re either going to end up in jail or be a millionaire”  – chemical castration – watch out for a Freudian slip in the bathroom – sired over 40 children – ha’ penny bridge – Victorian gothic church – Hebrew for “God has given” – rat dosed with valium and champagne – Rat Scabies – live rat on your upper thigh – aromatic cigarette – “can a machine think?” – rare example of British government incompetence – old Portuguese for beautiful – odds of 150 million million million to one – Eureka – Bradley Wiggins and breaking the 4-minute mile barrier – sinking barge and an activated sex toy doing its thing in the canal and, yes, that Rolls Royce (and the Bentley)… And a lot more. Including your resolve – now firmly set – “For sure, I want to go on that Little Venice walk and I want to go on it with Shaughan.”

And here’s the Little Venice Virtual Tour. What’s not to like…


One response to “The Best Kept Secret of the 20th Century – Little Venice, Part 3”

  1. Susan Yosef says:

    Very nice. I have tried to fit a Little Venice walk into my last 3 trips to London, with no success. Hoping to get there yet, once life returns to normal.

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