Simon previews his Oscar Wilde Virtual Tour

Like Oscar’s witticisms, this one is honed – and timed – to perfection. It’s the overture, if you will, to the opening night of Simon’s Oscar Wilde Virtual Tour. How so? you ask. Needs you must ask? All right, since you have asked: it’s Oscar Wilde’s birthday. And to that I’d add, this one – guide and subject – is a marriage made in heaven. Simon’s an actor, so it’s not just guiding you get, it’s a performance. And what a performance, what a tale. Here are a few whet-your-appetite quotes:

“they had been rumpling the sheets with a retinue of rent boys in the suites of London’s leading hotels”

“one of the leading actors said, ‘it was the greatest opening night of a West End play that anybody could remember”

“‘it’s not whether I did it or not that’s important but whether people believe I did it”

Information and entertainment – the Platonic ideal of great guiding

We also have an outdoor Oscar Wilde London tour if that’s more to your liking.

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