Sherlock Holmes will always be associated with Christmas

Actor Richard Burnip aka Richard IV is a Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes expert. This podcast is the first of a two-parter Richard’s put together as a trailer for his upcoming (December 12, December 19 and December 27) Sherlock Holmes & Conan Doyle at Christmas Virtual Tour.

It’s leisurely, assured, astonishingly rich, plum pudding of a podcast. Begins with lots of fascinating biographical stuff about Arthur Conan Doyle. An informed, beautifully judged biographical scene-setter that serves to introduce Richard’s reading of the first two instalments of a rare Conan Doyle story, The Surgeon of Gaster Fell. The story appeared in Chambers Journal in December 1890.

In a follow-on podcast Richard will read the final instalment of the story.

Finally, for anyone who doesn’t know, Richard reads professionally for Audible.* So this is a supremely professional, treat of a listen, a beautiful listen.

*66 books – fiction, history, science, etc. – and counting

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