Podcast: Sherlock Holmes & Conan Doyle at Christmas

Richard Burnip’s Sherlock Holmes & Conan Doyle at Christmas Virtual Tour.

Here’s how it starts (for the record, this is a re-recording, with a few editorial changes and infinitely better quality than the first recording)

Might put up another clip – a further-on-into-the-tour clip – in due course but I thought let’s get this one up because 1) it’ll give anyone who’s never been on a virtual tour a very good idea how they work (and indeed, how it “feels” – Richard is so “easy listening”: he’s laid back, he’s warm, he’s got that honeyed voice, and yet at the same time is so assured and authoritative); and 2) I love the biographical brush strokes, the picture of Conan Doyle man and boy that he builds up as a lead-in to that main Sherlock Holmes Christmas tale that the tour focuses on. And the thing to remember as you listen to “the honeyed voice” is that on the Virtual Tour itself you’re getting all those visuals – you’re seeing the faces and places he’s talking about.

It’s another cracking Virtual Tour. Struck me tonight when I was “in the audience” that you probably wouldn’t be too far off were you to describe Richard’s VTs as “extremely high-quality university seminars for grownups.”

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