Shardlake’s London

Full title:  Shardlake’s London – Andy goes over the ground

Andy’s Tudor London/literary London walk In the Footsteps of Matthew Shardlake is coming up. By way of a trailer, here’s a little podcast he did on the subject. What’s more, it comes with a bonus: Andy miked up a bunch of his London Walkers and got them to give their favourite London book recommendations.

Click here for the particulars about the walk.

5 responses to “Shardlake’s London”

  1. Richard Sawney says:

    Will you be doing any Shardlake Walks this Year?

  2. David Tucker says:

    I think we will, Richard. We’re just now – today’s April 21st – putting together the Tour du Jour walks programme for this summer. They all should be up there in those Tour du Jour slots – 10.45 am and 2.30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays – by the end of this month. And it’s highly likely Shardlake will be in that assemblage. We’ll certainly be urging Andy to do one or two, perhaps more.

  3. David Tucker says:

    Thanks, Richard. Indeed we are. Both 3-dimensional tours and virtual tours. All there on – just do a search for Shardlake

  4. Tamsin Jones says:

    Great podcast, but Jack’s wife is called “Tamasin” NOT “Tasmin”!!! I am a Tamsin myself, and it drives me mad that so many people make that mistake.

  5. David Tucker says:

    Many thanks, Tamasin. That would irk me as well, be like being called Divad (or, even worse, Divot) instead of David. Anyway, I’ll certainly onpass your note to Andy and get him to “get it right.”

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