Matthew Shardlake’s London

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Temple Tube

Guided by Andy

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Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
15 March 2023 Special 2 pm 4 pm Winter Reserve Online
19 April 2023 Special 2 pm 4 pm Winter Reserve Online
17 May 2023 Special 2 pm 4 pm Summer Reserve Online
14 June 2023 Special 2 pm 4 pm Summer Reserve Online

Short read: Tracing the footsteps of C.J Sansom’s dogged, melancholy ‘hero’ Matthew Shardlake and his ‘sidekick’ Barak through the streets of Tudor London.

Longer read: Fan of Tudor London?

Look no further, ‘The sights, the voices, the very smell of this turbulent age’ are raised from the page and into the genuine article.

We follow in the footsteps of Matthew Shardlake as he trots through Tudor London on his trusty horse Chancery. To Temple Stairs ‘to catch a wherry’ at Middle Temple – a beautiful 16th Century dining hall, to Shardlake’s ‘fine stone property’ in Chancery Lane. We pass ‘under the high square towers of the Great Gate’ of Lincoln’s Inn and Shardlake’s chambers…

Where still today barristers ‘stride purposefully about the precincts’, with ‘the space of Lincoln’s Inn Fields beyond’. Then to Staple Inn with its beautiful surviving Tudor façade, a satellite to Grey’s Inn and its golden age of Cromwell, Walsingham, Bacon, Cecil, Aske and the Queen’s most sadistic torturer Richard Topcliffe.

Barak’s home at the Old Barge in Bucklesbury and Guy of Malton’s apothecary’s shop near Budge Row.

The Shambles, Bladder Street, The Pope’s Head Tavern, Grey Friars, the ‘Hole’ at Newgate Prison, Paternoster Row and St Paul’s – we re-discover those ‘lost’ streets like a Tudor Rebus cutting through ‘the religious and political chaos of the 1540s with sinister élan’.

And finally, we end at THE end for Anne Askew, burnt alive in Smithfield by The Priory Church of St Bartholomew’s so vividly and horribly portrayed in Lamentation. 

Anyone for a stiff drink? Thought so. I have a recommendation Barak himself would enjoy.


Matthew Shardlake’s London takes place at 2 pm on Wednesday, March 15th ; 2 pm on Wednesday, April 19th; 2 pm on Wednesday, May 17th and 2 pm on Wednesday, June 14th.

The meeting point is just outside   Temple  Tube


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It’s not even close


Shardlake’s London with a bonus – Andy got a bunch of his London Walkers to give their favourite London book recommendation.

13 reviews for Matthew Shardlake’s London

  1. Susan Platt

    Brilliant afternoon, fascinating tour made live by the knowledgeable and enthusiastic Andy. Got to reread the books again. I had no idea so much ‘hidden Tudor’ remains in London or the peace and tranquility that can be found off the busy thouroughfares or their bloody and brutal histories. Thanks so much, will definately do it again! I am still processing it!

  2. Norma Dixit

    An excellent walk. Our guide Andrew knew both the novels and the walks very well and our group proceeded at an gentle rate. The group was a mixed ability, some older people walking slowly and others a bit faster but we walked only for no more than 5 minutes before something to see appeared and Andrew linked that sight with something in one of the novels. It wasn’t a hard walk but I was astonished at how much of legal London we covered. I think we were all amazed at how much there is to relate to both books and locations. I loved it and would thoroughly recommend it (even if you haven’t read the books). It certainly made me want to read them all again.

  3. Alison

    Such an enjoyable walk yesterday. Andy is an outstanding guide with extensive knowledge, lots of enthusiasm and made this a superb tour. He incorporates the stories of Shardlake to the history, architecture and locations en-route. Absolutely fascinating!
    Highly recommended.
    Alison Feb 2023

  4. Helen

    Excellent tour for everybody who like Sansom books. Andy is great guide and I felt like visit 16 century London. I appreciate these books even more now

  5. Helen

    Excellent tour especially for those who love Sansom books. Now I can understand the books way better, Andy is wondeful guide, this tour is a must for everybody who loves Shardlake. I feel like visited 16 century London.

  6. Susan and Gary Gilhooly

    Just completed this walk and feel keen to recommend this walk to all! It is a fascinating tour of Tudor London with references to the wonderful Matthew Shardlake novels . Andy is a very knowledgeable guide and a wonderful presenter of this fascinating period of London history. Thank you so much Andy for making our afternoon so enjoyable and educational!

  7. Åsa

    History and litterature combined with walking the actual premises of your favourite detective in the company of an excellent, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable guide. Can it get any better? Honestly don’t think so. Go!

  8. Klas Wictorin

    Excellent walk among friends of Shardlake. We got to see fantastic places and hear stories from Tudor London. The guide Andy was extremely well read on history and illustrated the walk with old maps and citations. Highly recommended!

  9. Julia

    Thoroughly enjoyable. Andy has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Shardlake and the Tudor city where he lived and worked so the tour was a delight for fellow enthusiasts.

  10. Ileana

    Exquisite! A gorgeous summer day with a little group of Shardlake fans and an extremely knowledgeable guide! The walk was a real treat and I learnt so much, discovering such peaceful parts of London and gems of history hidden away. Walking in the footsteps of C.J. Sansom’s characters, and generally speaking in the footsteps of history, was so interesting!

  11. Wendy

    A great tour for anyone interested in the historic areas of London but especially linked to Shardlake. Andy was very knowledgeable and an interesting and engaging guide. Two and a half hours flew by! Great value and so many interesting facts to take in. I would love to do the tour again when I’ve re-read all the books! Thanks Andy!

  12. Simon

    Excellent – Andrew was a great guide and fans of Shardlake will love it. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  13. Jo

    Amazing. Andy was extremely knowledgeable abs made the whole tour so interesting and informative.

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