London Walks Podcasts

Sex & Death in the 1665 Great Plague

Date post added: 14th May 2020

“syphilis was thought to be a remedy…syphilis-ridden prostitutes did a roaring trade”

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“Tastes like toenails” – Ann serves up a hairy German & other London odds & ends

Date post added: 13th May 2020

“50 ways not to write the letter A…in the murky depths of the Thames…a great culinary step forward”

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The History of Life on Our Planet

Date post added: 12th May 2020

“Mary Anning’s specimens changed our view of the history of life…”

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Meet Celebrated Royal Shakespeare Company Actor Nick Day

Date post added: 10th May 2020

“Welcome to my world… let’s imagine that you’ve come to visit me here and you’ve asked me to show you round”

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Disastrous London – Black Death, executions, ghoulish…

Date post added: 9th May 2020

“they still wear hairshirts to this day”

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C THE CITY – Isobel hits a couple of high Cs in the City

Date post added: 9th May 2020

“C a wealth of detail”

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London Catastrophe – frontline report

Date post added: 8th May 2020

“merriment and debauchery…they were having a good time”

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Richard Red Hat invites you home

Date post added: 7th May 2020

“you can’t set foot without treading on a prince”

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Claire on the Balcony – its history, its kisses, its secrets

Date post added: 6th May 2020

“it was a difficult kiss”

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What is a virus? In the Red Zone with Dr Hunter

Date post added: 5th May 2020

“we are still subject to our ancestors, viruses that go back billions of years”

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