One of the great joys – the people you meet on London Walks

Meet Christopher. Very special guy. Honoured with the Freedom of the City of London, runner extraordinaire, City of London livery company member, difference maker, boon companion, life affirmer, all-round good guy, etc. To say nothing of knowing more about London Walks than any other “civilian” – i.e., somebody who’s not a guide or otherwise connected with the company. Has been on hundreds of walks.


“it’s a community of people”

“in danger of developing a reputation as an English eccentric”

“my flag habit is costing me about £5 a day”

“I’ve got a fair amount of will power”

“I must have fuel before I go”

“I do a daily video”

“a comment from one guide will then have resonance with another guide”

“I have driven sheep across London Bridge”

“been farmed by my family since 1898”

“The ‘outsider’ who knows London Walks better than anyone else”

“take nothing but photographs leave nothing but footprints”

“fellowship before, fellowship in the middle and fellowship at the end”

“we had 50 liverymen join us”

“It was like Gogglebox with farmers”





3 responses to “One of the great joys – the people you meet on London Walks”

  1. Charles Piper says:

    Fun discussion.

  2. Clare Anyan says:

    Good to listen to Christopher flying the flag for the wonderful London Walks!

  3. David Tucker says:

    Thanks, Clare. Yes, what a champion he is! And a great guy.

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