London Walks Podcasts

David on Dickens (No Christmas Dickens in this one, that’s for sure)

Date post added: 22nd December 2020

“the sun, blood-red on the eastern marshes behind dark masts and yards, seemed filled with the ruins of a forest it had set on fire”

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Christmas Music in London

Date post added: 20th December 2020

“I can remember, I can remember the months of November and December”

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“Is this really London?”

Date post added: 18th December 2020

“it changed the experience of theatre-going”

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Ann’s Christmas biscuits

Date post added: 17th December 2020

“we’re just about to put them in the oven”

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Showtime! Notting Hill & Holland Park here we come

Date post added: 16th December 2020

“It is remorselessly beautiful, it looks exactly as it did in the 1870s”

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“I shuddered as I gazed at it” – Part II from Sherlock Holme’s creator

Date post added: 15th December 2020

“I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes on the second morning after Christmas”

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Sherlock Holmes will always be associated with Christmas

Date post added: 14th December 2020

“I could not see any sign of this strange, midnight wanderer”

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Walker Chris talks about swimming in the men’s pond this cold December morning

Date post added: 14th December 2020

“the water temperature was just 5 degrees…I was in for about eight minutes”

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Swapping Stories – James Bond, the naked actress at the door, etc.

Date post added: 13th December 2020

“she had over 500 love affairs”

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Christmas in the Capital – Virtual Tour

Date post added: 11th December 2020

“you’ll notice that the lights are all hanging vertically from the tree – that’s because that’s the Norwegian tradition”

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