London Walks Podcasts

Exploring London – by Noel, who works in the London Walks office

Date post added: 17th September 2020

“made me giggle, which is always a good sign”

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Fiona on the wonders of the passage of time in Greenwich

Date post added: 16th September 2020

“this is where east meets west”

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A Tour de Force – but it’s Adam, so what’d you expect?

Date post added: 15th September 2020

“he composed 11 James Bond soundtracks”

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A Royal Shakespeare Company actor guides Dickens

Date post added: 14th September 2020

“A fearful man with a great iron on his leg”

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Heard the news about London’s mews?

Date post added: 13th September 2020

“That riding school is still there”

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Virginia Woolf Bombed

Date post added: 12th September 2020

“I could just see a piece of my studio wall standing: otherwise rubble where I wrote so many books.”

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A London Battlefield

Date post added: 12th September 2020

“The sky shook London like a rug”

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London, October 1940

Date post added: 11th September 2020

“London can take it”

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Lockdown – New Social Gathering Rules – Special Announcement

Date post added: 9th September 2020

And the guided divides the lit-up ones from the benighted”

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History of London Walks – the Sewer Tours

Date post added: 8th September 2020

“The Good Loo Tours had introduced punters to the source of the sewage, logically we should show them where it went.” 

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