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The Wall Street Journal

Date post added: 7th October 2020

“we work all day every day and at the end of the day – at the end of every day – we’re £450 poorer than we were when we woke up”

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Favourite moment, favourite memory on a favourite walk

Date post added: 6th October 2020

“I’d like you to know Mr. Guide that my husband is a cavalry officer and he’s at the back of the group there”

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How to sort the wheat from the weeds – Part 2

Date post added: 5th October 2020

“how do you ensure you’re not getting something nearly worthless for a £400 opportunity costs bill?”

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Trouble at Mill

Date post added: 4th October 2020

“all the elements that made it a goer for English sensibilities: snobbery, money, eccentricity, bitchiness, the foreign factor…”

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Something quintessentially English – excerpt from Karen’s brand new Virtual Tour

Date post added: 3rd October 2020

“it’s like a miniature Globe Theatre inside…we get that feeling of a bygone age”

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Musical Kensington – an excerpt from Adam’s Virtual Tour

Date post added: 2nd October 2020

“a rumour that this piano had been looted by the British Army from Saddam Hussein’s palace”

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The History of London Walks – more trail blazing, this time it’s ghost walks

Date post added: 1st October 2020

“on more than one occasion television crews joined the walkers in their search for ghosts”

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Cocktails, Beers & Livery Halls

Date post added: 30th September 2020

“they have the only royal charter awarded by Richard III”

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Great Balls of Fire

Date post added: 29th September 2020

“in many places the ground was too hot to walk on for several days”

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London’s history crystallised in a single word

Date post added: 28th September 2020

“it was a frisson moment – a shiver up the spine moment – for Sir Christopher Wren and that small gathering standing on those smouldering ruins”

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