“No driver must be without trousers” – Shaughan’s Little Venice Tour, Part 1

Little Venice: “all you need is a star to steer her by.” You got it, you got that star – it’s actor, singer and uniquely gifted London Walks guide Shaughan Seymour. So. Here. We. Go. Here’s some of what you get in this smorgasbord. “Eyes of blue and her eyelids too”, stucco, toll keeper’s cottage, Rolls Royce, celebrity alert, Prince of Whales, “she was one of the early birds and I was one of the worms”, lots of poetry and song (only with Shaughan do you get a walking tour that’s also a serenade), shrub disguising the entrance to a nuclear bomb shelter, “larger brain than anyone else in the world”, “to be divorced from one’s pants”, Riverdance, French connections, Jude Law, campanile, decolletage, Paddington Bear, “Oscar was extremely versatile”, megastars, pied d’eau, “figure divine wish you were mine”, canal, bridges, superb architecture, one of the grandest of the Grandes Horizontales, “Sigmund Freud, eat your heart out.” And that’ just a sampling. Beautiful day, beautiful walk, Prince of Guides. N.B. Shaughan’s Little Venice podcast is a three-parter. This is Part 1.

And we now have a Little Venice Virtual Tour.

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