Churchill, FDR & Music

This is a clip from Adam’s Musical St. James’ and Mayfair virtual tour. This bit of the tour sheds light on FDR’s and Winston Churchill’s taste in music. The springboard for which is the famous Mayfair statue of Churchill and FDR sitting on a park bench, enjoying one another’s company.

And I hope it’s all right if I let a listener have the (almost) final say about Adam’s work, his podcasts, his virtual tours and his shoe-leather-on-pavement tours.

Dear Mr. Scott-Goulding,
Thanks for the podcast.
It’s a super narrative.
Reminds me of listening to ‘Letter from America’, by Alistair Cooke; you never knew what was coming next, each bit was interesting by itself and it all coalesced in the end to make an illuminating and fascinating commentary.
I hope it’s all right to say that.
Best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2021.
Thank you.

Not quite the final say because I’d add, this is a very special, an extremely gifted, a genius (really) guide. I mean, never in a million years would it have occurred to me that I’d be finding out about Churchill’s and FDR’s musical taste (musical experience, musical favourites) on a Virtual Tour ycleped “Musical St. James’ and Musical Mayfair.”

It’s fun, it’s surprising, it’s informative (I keep asking myself, how in the world does he know all this stuff?).

This is the platonic ideal of great guiding: Adam makes the familiar new and the new familiar.



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