Meet Spymasters Guide Dan (who interviewed a President and “the” Astronaut)

This transcript is the introduction to the Meet Your Guide interview i did with Dan Parry, who guides our London’s Spymasters walk. This is the main interview. There are two other, shorter ones, which I’ll put up in due course.


Look, don’t kid yourself. It all comes down to the guiding. And the fact of the matter is, London Walks guides are in a different league. Nobody else has guides anywhere near the calibre of the people who front London Walks. By way of example, only at London Walks will you have as a guide someone who interviewed President George Bush and the First Man to Walk on the Moon, Astronaut Neil Armstrong. 

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about London Walks guide Dan Parry. You just have to listen to him for a couple of minutes and you realise you’ve hit it. You can’t help but think, “wow, this guy’s special – what a world of experience he’s had – what a great story teller he is – what a great guy – I want to be guided by this guy. I mean how do you go wrong with a Brit who had his heart set on being a fighter pilot and as a fallback position was happy to settle for interviewing a President of the United States and the first man to walk on the moon.

Dan’s an expert – a genuine expert – on the world of espionage. Guides our London’s Spymasters walk. At the moment it runs on the fourth Saturday of every month. It’s on its way, though, – it’s that good that it’ll end up running much more frequently. Anyway, here’s a Meet Your Guide interview I did with Dan. Strap yourself in. The runway’s clear for your approach. 

Here’s Dan…

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