London’s Spymasters

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St James's Park Underground Station (Broadway/Petty France exit)

Guided by Dan Parry

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
28 October 2023 Tour du Jour 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
25 November 2023 Tour du Jour 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Winter Reserve Online
27 January 2024 Tour du Jour 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Winter Reserve Online
24 February 2024 Tour du Jour 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Winter Reserve Online
30 March 2024 Tour du Jour 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Winter Reserve Online
27 April 2024 Tour du Jour 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Winter Reserve Online

Step into the shadows of Westminster and discover covert locations where spies, assassins and duplicitous double agents plied their trade. Visiting the smartest corners of London, we peer into a murky world marked by treason and treachery, betrayal and murder.

From the wartime HQ of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) to the exceptionally discreet apartment of C, (‘M ‘in the Bond films), we walk in the footsteps of officers and agents who shaped history. Some of them managed Enigma – WWII’s greatest secret; others deviously created the biggest deception operation of the war.



Some planned covert Cold War actions, a few gave away information on all of the above and one or two recently revealed GCHQ’s modern-day London secrets. Visiting shadowy locations that are rarely visited, we pass Ian Fleming’s wartime office, the glamorous house once used by SIS as a recruitment centre and the beautiful garden that witnessed an ugly assassination. Guided by Dan Parry

“For decades to come the spy world will continue to be the collective couch where the subconscious of each nation is confessed.” – John le Carre

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67 reviews for London’s Spymasters

  1. Paul Scott

    Dan’s London’s Spymasters walk is just as absorbing and intriguing as his Pirates, Press-Gangs and Execution Dock walk. I loved every minute of it, and am amazed at the sheer depth of knowledge Dan is able to draw upon as he tells one fascinating story after another, while pointing out London sights I’ve simply never noticed before. I highly recommend both walks, and look forward to going on his Lost Palace of Downing Street walk next to complete the set!

  2. Cleo

    That was amazing! Dan was great, so knowledgable and engaging. He really knew his stuff but made it accessible and interesting. I got a totally fresh perspective on the area of London and loved hearing all the stories. The time flew by, thank you so much!

  3. Adam Hall

    Dan is absolutely marvelous font of knowledge. His delivery is crisp, amusing and engaging. And there is no question he hasn’t got an answer for. Top notch Dan!

  4. Pauline

    The walk yesterday was excellent and very illuminating. Dan Parry has an encyclopaedic grasp of his subject and although I have lived in London for some time I learnt so much and also walked in areas of the city where I had not walked before. I give him !00% and would certainly with no hesitation recommend the walk to friends and family.

  5. Janyce Welch

    I did the spymasters walk with Dan yesterday for the second time as I enjoyed it so much the first time round !! So informative and very gripping , excellent way of spending 2 hours and told by Dan in an exciting way. Full of intrigue and a bit of gossip too😂👍

  6. Janet Bounds

    Loved the way Dan wove the strands of his London Spy Walk together so that each small piece of information given at different locations gradually fitted together to give us an overall picture of British espionage during the twentieth and twenty first centuries. Some familiar names that I learnt more about and some new ones to research further.

  7. Private Group

    The spymaster tour was awesome. Dan was amazing and very knowledgeable. The level of detail he provided, and the personal understanding of history, geography and architecture weave a spicy, interesting and connected story which was easy to follow. I especially liked the part about the hidden tunnels and Egyptian/Israeli spy “mysterious” death. He answered all the extra questions our group had. Dan took great care of us! The weather was also perfect! Five stars indeed!

  8. Iain McKenzie

    A really entertaining walk. Dan was an engaging guide armed with stories and anecdotes that brought the murky world of London’s Spymasters to light. A brilliant afternoon.

  9. jacqueline hollidge

    Once again a thoroughly enjoyable walk with Dan, and very recomendable.
    What our spies and spymasters were/are up to became very real. Dan’s talks were very informative, without an overload of information.
    Thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon.

  10. Richard & Christine

    Definitely a 5* walk. Very knowledgeable and entertaining, Dan certainly gives out a lot of information on twenty century spying 🕵️‍♂️ in London. Would certainly recommend.

  11. Janet Stokoe

    An extremely interesting 2 hours which went by in a flash . Such a lot of information for a small part of London.Very enjoyable.

  12. Michael Houghton

    Most informative and Dan right from the start gripped my attention with his well presented talk.
    I learnt a lot about a subject which has been for me somewhat mysterious . I will certainly consider attending another of Dan’s walks. I would recommend this walk

  13. Alison

    A great tour and talk delivered by the very knowledgeable Dan Perry. I would certainly recommend him and definitely book another tour with him as guide.

  14. John Kotyk

    Dan guided us on the Spymasters walk and I have to say it was up there with the best of the London Walks I’ve been on. His depth of knowledge, engaging delivery, and sense of humour made it a wonderful experience. Dan clearly enjoys leading this walk, and it shows.
    If you’re at all interested in international espionage, or even if you just want to explore hidden (in plain sight) parts of London, this walk is unmissable.

  15. Irene Gawne

    Dan Parry gave us an exceptional guided tour of the world of spies in London. We were all enthralled.
    It was one of the best guided walk I have ever attended. Dan has deep knowledge and has met some of these unusual men and women in the course of his work as reporter and journalist – so this is no dry tale but vivid stories told with dry humour.

  16. Michael Edwards

    An absolutely fascinating, informative and well structured walk and talk. The 2 hr walk was packed full of absorbing facts from someone who clearly knows his subject and Dan also managed to root the origins of the source material into the fictional characters such as James Bond. We shall certainly look up other London Walks masterminded by Dan. And not just that but this walk covered some of the most beautiful parts of London that I did not know were there. Highly recommended

  17. Dominique

    We had a private walk as part of a team meeting and it was catered to around our location. Dan was great and so knowledgeable and passionate on the subject. Would definitely recommend Dan and the Spymasters walk!

  18. George Cuthbertson

    Dan was excellent with a broad and deep knowledge of the subject. He added his personality and sense of humour to make it come to life. In a very large group he held everyone’s attention and we could all hear what he had to say. One of the very best London Walks.

  19. Theresa D

    This is a fantastic tour. We learned so much. Dan is a terrific story teller and his stories are made even more fascinating because you’re standing at or near the locations where they took place.

  20. Ian

    Highly recommended. Dan is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and presents very well. Subject matter was fascinating; at times the factually correct seemed less credible than the fictional; and the streets we walked were eye-opening even to the London residents.

  21. Peter Docwra

    A fascinating 2 hours with some gripping stories and visiting parts of London I was not familiar with. Dan did a great job with a large group (around 35) and connected threads together like the skilled journalist he is. There were four of us, age range 28-70, and we all enjoyed it hugely. We’ve already passed details on to friends who we now would love this tour and I would recommend it to anyone.

  22. Debra B.

    Great walk. Dan is knowledgeable and engaging. The Walk was a perfect combination of better known espionage figures and lesser known ones. The stories were creatively woven together as the Walk progressed. I highly recommend this Walk.

  23. Grant Cansfield

    Excellent walk. Dan’s stories are intertwined throughout the walk in an entertaining and informative manner. Excellent content throughout. I could have easily listened for another hour. A definitive “must book” for any one in London.

  24. James L

    This walking tour is a must for all Londoners. I have lived 56 years of my life in London and I didn’t know of most of the places Dan took us to and talked about.
    Fascinating real life stories delivered with passion and great knowledge.
    Highly recommended.

  25. William

    Best guide I have had making this probably the best walk I have had. Definitely recommend.

  26. Angela

    Excellent walk. Dan’s expert and thoroughly researched accounts of the spies were fascinating, illuminating and at times chilling. I learned a lot about modern history and about an area of central London which I had previously thought I knew quite well. I was thoroughly gripped and entertained by the experience and sorry when the two hours were over. I plan to go on more of Dan’s walks. Highly recommended.

  27. Keith Hart

    A terrific tour. Great stories and interesting background and details on events you thought you knew about. It really puts a lot of 20th century political history into context. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  28. Luis A

    The best couple of hours I have spent in a long time. Dan is clearly a subject matter expert in this field and his professional training is evident in how he brings to life the stories he provides where you can visualise the events that happened at the time. I’m looking forward to his forthcoming tour on pirates and more.

  29. Andy Bouffard

    I really enjoyed Dan’s walk. He brought an energy to his storytelling which brought the buildings and streets of London to life. The walk was thoughtfully put together and a highly enjoyable couple of hours. Thanks!

  30. Stuart Murphy

    Dan is very knowledgeable on his subject and brought a fascinating insight about buildings which we had walked passed before and little did we know the stories and the characters who had worked or drank in them. Thoroughly recommended and great value for money

  31. Fiona

    Great walk and talk. Dan is fascinating with loads of great stories woven in with familiar history and hitherto unknown locations!

  32. Dan

    Dan is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, two hours flew by and I leant lots about London you’d never have know otherwise.

  33. James

    Enjoyable and engaging walk on 28th Jan with Dan, through St James’s on the Spymasters walk. Dan clearly has deep knowledge on the subject which he delivers with enthusiasm. Highly recommended for those with an interest in the subject.

  34. Jason S

    Dan has superbly crafted this narrative. It weaves together a mix of really good stories from beginning to end of the walk. Dan also delivers a very lively and charismatic presentation. Based on this experience, I would go on *any* walk of Dan’s in the future.

  35. stephen durham

    Dan was exceptionally knowledgeable about the overt spy network and brought little known facts to life. Dan was passionate about his subject matter, which was another plus for the walk. The walk is well paced and includes plenty of tragedy and humor. Highly recommended

  36. Richard O’Brien

    Wonderful afternoon…. Highly recommended… Dan, our guide knew his stuff… With clear voice, and a touch of dry humour….

    Also it was a fine area of London to explore. Yes, good day had by all!

  37. Janyce Welch

    Fantastic Walk on Saturday called Spymasters lead by the equally fantastic, Dan Parry. Very informative and enjoyable , must do it again as cannot remember all the facts 😂

  38. Roger Tapper

    Brilliant entertaining modern history lesson. A reminder of all the dastardly deeds that go on
    without our knowledge.

  39. Imelda

    Engrossed from start to finish and so thoroughly knowledgeable and enjoyable. Dan wove the stories together so that there was an almost seamless transition across stories and ages and names. The time flew by and it was a most enjoyable experience in the presence of someone who knows his subject well. Can’t wait to do it again sometime we enjoyed it so much.

  40. John Ashmele

    Dan Parry’s talk on London Spies started in glorious sunshine at St. James Park station and finished at Green Park station two hours later. He led us past buildings that at one time housed the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), the Special Operations Executive (SOE), a GCHQ out-station, and various other secret establishments. He led us past the former home of Captain Sir Mansfield George Smith-Cumming, who served as the first chief of the Secret Intelligence Service and was the original ‘C’. Dan introduced us to the authors Ian Fleming and John le Carré, who were also spies in their own right having received ‘a tap on the shoulder and a quiet word’. As well as the activities of the double-agents Kim Philby, Donald McClean and Guy Burgess, we were shown the various haunts of these spies including the hotels, gentlemen’s clubs and safe-houses. Dan talked engagingly and with humour: a walk that I would certainly recommend.

  41. Will Y

    Dan Parry’s history walks are incredible – informative, entertaining and highly recommended! You’ll learn much from a London Walks jaunt with Dan – and how he retains his near encyclopaedic knowledge of facts and little known histories is beyond me – but that’s not to imply you’ll be receiving a dry history lecture. Dan’s playful and friendly delivery of fun, thrilling and shocking accounts of the city’s turbulent and at times downright quirky history are as lively and vibrant as the locations you’ll tread upon. At each stop through a trek around some of the most memorable London locations, stepping over bridges where aspiring spies met and in front of mansions where deals were done, Dan always brings these events to life. I couldn’t recommend this walk more.

  42. Phil

    I’ve done quite a few London Walks now and this is one of the best. Really interesting delve into London’s spy past. Highly recommended.

  43. Phillip

    There are walks and there are walks, today’s London Spymasters with Dan Parry is right up there with the nest. Knowledgable, entertaining and the information added at a pace for most to understand. London Walks have several spy walks and this was excellent. More pieces of information all fitting that puzzle of the secret services and the spies themselves. What happened to them and how the ‘old boy’s’ network played such a part in recruitment and ultimate betrayals. If you want to know more go and walk. I am following up with a Vesper Martini and Little White Mouse – if you do the walk you will find out more.

  44. Robert Livingstone-Ward

    So I knew a little about spies – fact and fiction – but what I really wanted when I came to London from Brisbane as an Aussie tourist was to hear from someone who really knew about the spyworld. Someone with credentials. You know – like an author, doco-maker and BBC jounro. I could have walked past numerous non-descript buildings, but Dan stopped at same and explained that, behind the facade, was some deep dark secret. It was grea. For an ameteur like me, Dan mentioned varoius touchstones, but then embellished them with real characters. Fascinating. That aside – professionally run. Email communication. Contactless/card payment. Easy to locate ( for an incompetent sleuth like me). Loved it – thanks Dan!

  45. Chris B

    Great walk! Dan’s energy, subject knowledge and first hand accounts of meeting some of the characters involved in these escapades really brought the walk to life. You can feel the history! Lovely part of London to explore as well.

  46. Iris

    An amazing tour through the London neighbourhoods which are filled with WWII and Cold War spy stories. Mr Parry is a very pleasant guide with lots of detailed information on the stories we all want to learn about!

  47. Catherine N.

    Would very much recommend this tour. Dan is an excellent storyteller and knows his stuff. He weaves through the decades and includes some lesser known facts. Two hours very well spent with a very engaging guide, with some jokes and witty asides.

  48. Mick Oldham

    So much information from start to finish, and Dan delivers with a wonderfully dry wit!
    Covers all the famous names from the Cold War, as well as many more that I wasn’t even vaguely aware of.
    Lots of buildings whose usage you would never guess.
    Highly recommended

  49. Deborah Hillman

    Really recommend this – such an interesting walk; Dan has an incredible depth of knowledge and passion for his subject! Fantastic day out.

  50. Julie Maybrick

    Great tour – Dan was very knowledgeable and interesting. We had a big group but Dan could be heard and ensured none of the group missed anything. Fascinating subject and made us think about historic and current day espionage. Highly recommended.

  51. GP

    A fascinating walk full of well-researched insights about London’s role in history of espionage told by a very knowledgeable guide that provides a new perspective on Westminster’s key places

  52. Robin

    This is an excellent walk for anyone interested in the murky world of espionage, whether you know loads or just have a passing interest. Dan brings history to life by showing us where WW2 or Cold War spy plans were hatched and even uncovered. Two hours really well spent with a very well informed guide.

  53. Monica

    Dan’s knowledge is amazing and he is an awesome storyteller. Though I worked in the area that was covered in the walk, I learnt so much new stuff about the places I walked past daily. Dan is passionate about the subject matter, researches thoroughly and makes the walk so interesting that it leaves you wanting more. Very enjoyable indeed. Thank you, Dan.
    I highly recommend this walk.

  54. Chris

    Two hours breezed by in a minute. A great walk full of fascinating historical detail and profiles of the personalities involved. As a writer and film maker on the topic, Dan was exceptionally knowledgeable. He was also welcoming, likeable, considerate of his tour group and of others. Someone he also managed to have great weather. Highly recommended.

  55. David Gollancz

    A fascinating and revealing insight into the secret world, leavened with Dan Parry’s humour and charm.

  56. Chris Riley

    What a spellbinding tour of Britain’s clandestine world of espionage, from a guide who has lived and breathed these stories. Dan’s first-hand accounts of his own brushes with some of the spies, whose footsteps we were walking in, adds an extra frisson to this thrilling walk. It felt at times like we were all part of these spy plots too.

  57. Jessica Sallabank

    Great walk jammed full of historical facts, colourful stories and evocative locations. Even as a Londoner this walk introduced me to places I had never seen or noticed before and is brilliantly brings London’s spy history to life. Dan is clearly passionate about his subject and has cleverly put together a tour that transports you back in time to the height of the Cold War and other key periods in British history. Walking through St James’s park will never be the same again! Recommended!

  58. Jackie

    Fascinating walk. Highly recommended for anyone. The guide Dan is so interesting and knowledgeable. It was a shame when the tour ended as l could have listened for 2 more hours.

  59. Simon Bishop

    Really interesting walk, full of facts. Dan(the guide) really knew his stuff! Will definitely be recommending.

  60. Jacq

    We booked this last minute and were so pleased we had. Having been on many London walks Dan’s was certainly up there with the best. His depth of knowledge was excellent and his delivery was great. Lots of information but not over dramatic. Despite this being one of the first he’s done we couldn’t fault him. Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in espionage.

  61. Sean M

    Fascinating stories of London’s active spy community and how they have emerged in popular culture. Dan is enormously well informed and highly entertaining. Put this walk at the top of your list.

  62. Tom

    Dan was excellent. Really knowledgable on the subject and took us to some places that I have never seen. Being walked through an area of London I thought I was familiar with was absolutely brilliant, to look at details and know the history and epic events that took place behind these grand and beautiful buildings was really eye-opening. Spanned across time and Dan really brought it to life. Excellent tour and would highly recommend it to anyone.

  63. John A

    My son and I went on the 29th Spy Walk with Dan and had an excellent time. The two hours sped by and Dan led the group superbly with his real life experience as well as his storytelling skills. All the content was fascinating and showed us a different world that we would never have realised was going on around us. Really recommended and suitable for my 15 year old. I’m definitely following up with a visit to sample a proper James Bond martini in one of the hotels that Dan showed us.

  64. Julie England

    Some people just have a knack to tell a story, when that person is so knowledgeable and passionate about his subject it makes for a very interesting walk. Great route around St. James’s in Westminster, you see all the sights, but hear about buildings you would have just walked right past, you never know what goes on behind the scenes, Dan reveals some hidden secrets of the past few decades, shocking, funny and fascinating, suits all ages, 2 hours very well spent, thanks Dan

  65. Stephen King

    Great tour! Dan really knows his spies and is a super friendly guide. Strongly recommended.

  66. C C

    A fun walk with lots of spicy details on spies and their adventures.
    Dan is extremely knowledgeable and tells his stories with great humor.

  67. Maria M.

    Wow, this walk is amazing, completely outstanding and an absolute must do for anyone who is interested in London’s undercover spy network. You will hear stories told by the brilliant Dan that you have never heard before. Better than any fictitious spy novel you might have read. Places that you have never seen before or even knew existed despite the fact they are in one of London’s most elegant and busiest areas. Buildings where spies operated from that were only revealed a few years ago, hiding in plain sight! Stories of competence, amazing intelligence operations and incompetence and sheer luck at times. Places of murder and where potential recruits got their “tap on the shoulder”. All here in Dan’s walk, wonderfully told with humour and immense depth of knowledge. Highly recommended!

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