“March, march…the dawn is breaking”

Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow. Which is how we feel about getting Fiona-Jane Weston to guide (and perform and sing) London Women of World War I. It doesn’t get any better than that pairing. This subject, this guide – it’s Yeats territory: “who can tell the dancer from the dance?” 


“when the women were being force-fed the public revulsion became widespread”

“radiographic work in a French military hospital…is not a music-inspiring job”

“she took exception to that and broke his window”

“not just to go on hugging the shore afraid to put out to sea”

“they were decorated for valour”

“they chained themselves to these grills”

“she was ahead of her time in so many ways”

“we’ll just stay in the House of Commons for a little while’

One response to ““March, march…the dawn is breaking””

  1. Jeudi says:

    Fabulous lecture by Fiona Jane! Compelling, entertaining and transporting.

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