Little Venice life – on a narrowboat on the Regent’s Canal

My (David’s) daily constitutional – my daily walk – took me to Little Venice today (first day of spring, 2021). On the Regent’s Canal towpath I got into a conversation with Chris, a narrowboat owner. Lovely guy, enamoured of his narrowboat and his mooring place on the canal. So it didn’t take much to pluck up the nerve to ask him if he’d let me interview him for the London Walks podcast. Happily, Chris said “yes.” Herewith that interview. Chris had lots of interesting things to say. If I had to single out just one remark, though, it would be Chris’s saying, “I can’t tell you how magical it is – how incredibly therapeutic, this is – it’s a truly unique space.”

The photo is of Chris’s boat, “Scorpio” and, over the water, neighbour John’s narrowboat, “the Purple Palace.”


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