“Oh to be in England” – Shaughan’s Little Venice Tour, Part 2

“Oh to be in England now that April’s there.” April’s here and you are in England, in Little Venice, where lived the poet who wrote that wonderful line. You’re in England – in Little Venice – on the wings of actor and guide Shaughan Seymour’s matchless story-telling. This is Part 2 of Shaughan’s Little Venice Podcast (warning: it ends very abruptly but no matter because tomorrow it picks up right where it left off, starting with who it is “in that Rolls Royce” with his American girlfriend, she of the awesome first name). Behold. And this is just a quick glance at the smorgasbord spread out before us. We can see: “God’s wonderful railway,” a strange black lattice-work of girders, a secret green wonderland, hooves wrapped in blankets, “Live Aboards,” an iron basket holding a building up, “a world full of married men,” swans, mooring rings, a horse escape route, red livery, “the British Open’s” house and her sex life, warehouses, “you notice far more than you would on the road,” leisure and pleasure, hundreds and hundreds of boats, from all over the country, flooded underground railways, “the reversing competition [don’t try this at home],” 35 tons and 17 days to Birmingham, Brunel, Browning’s Island and bridges. And of course, OMG, look who’s getting out of that Rolls Royce…. And that’s just a sample. So. Here. We. Go.

And here we go to the Little Venice Virtual Tour.

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