Fiona on the wonders of the passage of time in Greenwich

The story of time. What a story! Told brilliantly by London’s most decorated guide (she’s been in the Winner’s Circle – won more awards – than any other guide). It’s Fiona of course. I for one – but a lot of other people feel this way as well – could listen to this young woman all day. And what makes this piece even more charming – she’s telling it in situ, there in Greenwich. It’s a tale of astronomers, the Thames, sailors, City businesses, antlers, a helicopter, a Wren church, telescopes, ships, clocks, Stonehenge, where east meets west, the railways, latitude, a red ball, the heavens, the action of waves, temperature differences, a pocket watch named Arnold, etc. Enjoy.


One response to “Fiona on the wonders of the passage of time in Greenwich”

  1. R. Taylor says:

    Makes one really want to be there…… do the time lords live in Greenwich?

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