Come Ashore – this is Hampstead & Hampstead Heath

This is a slice of the pie from David’s Hampstead & Hampstead Heath Virtual Tour. The pole star of David’s guiding is a remark by John Constable: “we see nothing till we truly understand it.” So in this excerpt, you find out, for example, the role topography played in “preserving” Hampstead and Hampstead Heath. You find out about some of the major “players” in the saving of Hampstead Heath – and what was so remarkable about their hand and how they played it. In short, you “see” Hampstead better because you understand it.


“he was the key player in the saving of Kenwood”

“what’s completely indulgent is my showing you this. This portrait is literally five feet from where I’m sitting now”

“that’s the last piece of the puzzle, that’s what they finally saved in 1925”

“they had to get the northern heights…and they did”

“I love the fact that I have a personal connection with the saving of Hampstead Heath”

“all kinds of extraordinary threads come together”

“in today’s terms he’d be Bill Gates”

“that’s George V”

“this is a very interesting image”

“it’s a fascinating social document, just that one image”



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