The Kinks in London

East Finchley Underground station

Guided by Adam

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
2 October 2022 Tour du Jour 2 pm 4 pm Summer Reserve Online
16 July 2023 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online
15 October 2023 Tour du Jour 2 pm 4 pm Summer Reserve Online

We are the Fortis Green Preservation Society!

How three Muswell Hillbilly Boys (and a would-be Stone who passed over the river from down Richmond way) became Well Respected Men.

A guided tour in search of The Kinks in their glory days.

Ready, Steady, Go…

5 years that changed the face of pop & rock 1964-69

4 of the unlikeliest pop stars of all-time

3 number one hits

2 warring brothers

1 unique story

Places… We’ll look at how this location – N2 & N10, North London – is woven into the fabric of their work.

Events… We’ll find out how WWII and its aftermath impacted on the golden generation of British pop and rock.

People… How and where Ray & Dave Davies changed the face of popular music and became the most notorious feuding brothers in rock’n’roll.

It’s a walking tour… venues, homes, schools, dance halls, parks, cinemas, pubs where they played and composed and the stories behind Waterloo SunsetAutumn AlmanacYou Really Got MeCome DancingMuswell Hillbillies and others.

It’s a critical study… we’ll discuss their greatest hits and more – from their initial inspirations to their contemporary 60s influences right up to their 21st century legacy.

There will also be LIVE MUSIC from your guide along the way.

If you are joining the tour please feel free to chip in – bring any Kinks memorabilia that you would like to show, share your favourite “I once saw Mick Avory in…” stories and your favourite Kinks songs.


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