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The Art of India in the V & A

South Kensington underground station, London (meet just beyond the ticket barrier)

Guided by Dr Barry

Leave London without leaving London. Go to India without going to India. Just the way I (David) like to do museums and galleries. It was a major breakthrough for me when I realised that by trying to see it all I wasn’t seeing anything. And so, coming of age finally, I began my “one room per visit” regimen. So much better. You take your time, see things properly. Get so much more out of it.

And that’s by way of a preamble to this “high focus” Art of India in the Victoria & Albert Museum tour that Barry’s curated. And a quick disclaimer, I’m certainly not suggesting the V & A’s got just a few pieces from the Indian subcontient. The collection runs to nearly 60,000 objects. We’ll see just a few of them. But we’ll see them properly. See into them.  Get it that these are objets d’art that came out of an utterly different time, place and culture. That they reflect their time, place and culture. That we can read them and so learn a great deal about those times, those people. And for that matter, understand the awe they sparked in artists, collectors, royalty and the aristocracy here. Let alone “ordinary” people. Understand the cultural pas de deux they wrought.

Some examples: 1800-year-old classical early Buddhist sculptures; Hindu divinities – Shiva Nataraja, for example, doing his cosmic dance; jade items (with their Islamic influences) associated with Shah Jahan (of Taj Mahal fame); embroidered and dyed cotton and chintz textiles that stunned Europe when they reached these parts in the 17th century. To say nothing of everybody’s – well, most everybody’s – favourite: Sultan Tipu’s famous tiger mauling a British soldier. I mean the history that one work – that star item from the East India Company collection – draws together, crystallises, opens up to view is of mouth agape potency.

You ready to be dazzled?


The Art of India in the V & A tour takes place at TBA on TBA. Meet Barry just beyond the ticket barrier at South Kensington Tube.


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