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Shakespeare of London

St. Paul's tube station, London (exit 1)

Guided by Ian

Short read: inner and outer worlds.

Fanfare read: Shakespeare’s life is a tale of two towns. Stratford bred him, London provided him with a stage – literally and figuratively – for his fortune.

Long read: Welcome to Shakespeare’s London. The London where he lived and worked. The London he drew inspiration from. The outer world of his inner world. Everything from St. Paul’s to the unfortunate Jewish doctor who inspired Shakespeare to create Shylock to the pandemonium of the lanes and alleys of mediaeval London to Stationers’ Hall, where the earliest printed copies of his works were registered, to the theatre where unscrupulous playhouse managers forced kidnapped boys to perform. London places that open a window on his life, his times, his world… and his art. Guided by Ian.


Shakespeare of London takes place every* Tuesday at 2.30 pm. Meet Ian just outside exit 1 of St. Paul’s Tube.

*Except March 17 (but please see the daily announcement on the homepage about the dates going forward while we are in this “plague season”)