Rock’n’Roll Chelsea

Sloane Square Tube

Guided by Adam

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6 October 2024 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 1 pm Summer Reserve Online

Chelsea has always been associated with the arts and music. Its rich bohemian heritage dates back to the 1660s, rages on to the 1960s and beyond. But it’s Chelsea’s role in the glory days of pop and rock that takes centre stage on this brand-new walking tour.

Vivienne Westwood by Bambi, King’s Road London


In his autobiography, Eric Clapton informs us that he collaborated on tunes at The Pheasantry with Beatle George Harrison. Clapton lived (and was nearly arrested!) at that famous address on King’s Road. So of course, we’ll drop by for a visit. We will also follow in the footsteps of the Rolling Stones in their pomp. We’ll locate the Chelsea Drugstore, painting a vivid picture of Swinging London as we go. And, just like the drug squad once did, we’ll drop in on one Michael Jagger at his riverside pad.

In addition to this, there’s also a bit of Pink Floyd archaeology. Their beginnings as a recording group go back to 1967 – their first single was, to borrow a phrase, made in Chelsea.

And there’s no show, there’s no arts ball if you will, without Mr Punch…so here come The Beatles making music videos, album covers and hanging out with the Stones. 

Bob Marley is here, too. After the infamous attempt on his life in 1976, Bob holed-up in Chelsea and made one of his greatest albums. We also closely examine the somewhat surprising influence of reggae music on the emergence of punk rock. To do this we’ll go back in time to a period when Johnny Rotten was famous for more than his views on immigration. Yes, this is the neighbourhood where the legend of The Sex Pistols was born.

As those of you who have joined Adam for a music tour in London will know, his London Music Tours always go beyond the music. In Chelsea a pageant of fashion, art and literature will go by as he unfolds his musical tales. He looks forward to welcoming you on this new London Walks tour.


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