Rock’n’Roll Camden

Chalk Farm tube station, London

Guided by Adam

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Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
20 July 2024 Special 9 am 11 am Summer Reserve Online

Saturday and Sunday sees a veritable Bayeaux Tapestry of pop culture parading through London’s famous Camden Town. From Mods to Goths and beyond, the history of youth culture lives anew every weekend.

This new walking tour captures the spirit, the history and the music of Camden Town.

Camden’s connection to pop and rock music is so great that it is the location of London’s first Walk Of Fame. The Who, Soul2Soul, Madness, and Billy Bragg are among the musicians honoured at the English rock ‘n’ roll equivalent of Hollywood’s sidewalk of stars. During this new tour, we’ll follow part of the Walk Of Fame’s route.


The arrogant swagger of Britpop will come into vivid focus, along with the filth and the fury of its older cousin PunkThe Clash were just one of the 70s bands to make Camden Town their own. North London’s finest, Madness, will feature prominently. And the queen of Camden, Amy Winehouse, will take centre stage.   

The wonderful photorealistic street art portrait of Amy Winehouse on the wall of the Hawley Arms Pub – we’ll visit this spot on the tour


Our Rock’n’Roll Camden Playlist will include…







The Clash

Pink Floyd

The Ramones

Patti Smith

Amy Winehouse


As usual with one of Adam’s London music tours, he loves to look beyond the music. He’ll analyse the changing face of Camden Market, a magnet for visitors from all over the world. Camden’s industrial past looms large in the area’s story and he’ll deal with that, too.

Happy London Walkers from the U.S on a private tour of Rock’n’Roll Camden

At the end of the tour we’ll be right in the heart of Camden Town, well-placed to visit the markets and record shops that we’ve located along the way.


It’s All In The Timing

You will notice we’re experimenting with an early start time for the Rock’n’Roll Camden tour – 9 a.m. We’re doing this for a number or reasons.

Camden, as you well know, is one of the most popular destinations in London, especially at the weekend. The thinking behind the start time of 9am is that we’ll get a little bit of peace-and-quiet to get a good look at everything we need to see. What’s more, by the time we’re finished, the market will just be hotting up and all the record shops will be opening. So you’ll get a good tour and the benefit of the Camden atmosphere at tour’s end. Best of both worlds! 


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