Virtual  Musical Kensington – Virtual Tour

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1 October 2020 Special 7.30 pm 8.30 pm Summer Book Now
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Musical Kensington – Virtual Tour



7.30 pm on Sunday, January 24 (2021)

Variations On A Theme of A Musical Neighbourhood

Here’s an appetiser (served up as a podcast) – meet your guide, get a taste of the tour.

From Hubert Parry to Freddie Mercury, all music is here in Kensington.

Three great institutions will drive our narrative…

The Royal College of Music, where Parry was Head of History – we’ll look at its foundation and the role it plays in the cultural life of the country.

Then there’s the glorious Science Museum where we can look at the ways that music consumption has changed in the 20th and 21st centuries.

And of course, the Royal Albert Hall – Eric Clapton’s “second home” and the venue for the famous Proms season.

With walk-on parts from Pink Floyd’s Syd BarrettJimi Hendrix and Flanders & Swann, it’s quite a bill! I doubt there’s a Spotify algorithm to unify the artists we’ll cover – but cover them we most certainly will. All music is here in Kensington!