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Great Balls of Fire

Monument Underground station, London (Fish Street Hill exit)

Guided by Philip

Walk Times

DayWalk TypeStart TimeEnd Time
3 October 2020 Tour du Jour2.30 pm4.30 pm Summer
When? Sunday. September 2, 1666.
Where? A stone’s throw from London Bridge.
What? It started with just a few sparks at the King’s bakers. Soon, the exotic smell of roasting spices filled the air. Then the bells rang out to confirm the inhabitant’s worst fears – FIRE! For four days, blown by a strong wind, the conflagration continued unabated. Temperatures of more than 1000° meant everything was consumed in the inferno. Join Philip to follow the path of destruction caused by the Great Fire of London.
Who? How? Why? Let’s go to Philip now, who’s at the scene.


Great Balls of Fire takes place at 2.30 pm on Saturday, October 3. Meet Philip just outside the Fish Street Hill exit of Monument Tube.