Charming Chiswick

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Ravenscourt Park tube station, London

Guided by Alison

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19 May 2024 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online
30 June 2024 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online

Old, picturesque, storied, full of character, riverine, tucked away on its isthmus, sitting pretty – that’s Chiswick.

Comes of ancient stock. The name means ‘cheese-farm.’ And ancient? Chiswick’s been answering to its name for 1,000 years. Cheese-farm and Thameside fishing village. How honest-to-goodness is that? The church, St Nicholas, goes back to 1181. Its present incarnation is a comparative youngster – 15th century.

There’s 16th-century Walpole House on the Mall. There’s Chiswick’s magnificent riverside promenade – the lazy river, the singing summer sky, the architectural feats and feasts – a stroll along that past-cosseted passage is a guaranteed medicine for melancholy.

There are cafes and specialist shops and handsome old pubs. Say it again – proclaim it – old riverside pubs. The photo-op of the walk has to be the Dove.

It’s a tracking shot because the Dove is reached by a narrow path winding through a cluster of houses. Every step along there “teems with reminiscences of poets, men of letters and artists: let us therefore softly tread; ’tis hallowed ground” (Edward Walford).

And it’s not just the shades of Thackeray and Hemingway and Graham Greene and John Fowles haunting the byways and pubs and groves of Chiswick, here we’re also deep into Arts & Crafts territory. We will pass William Morris’s London home and learn about a perfectly preserved London interior that he visited regularly. Rich repast, this walk through this olde-worlde riverside village. Pastoral perfection, a rural idyll in London.

There are so many places to eat and drink why not enjoy a leisurely lunch before you shop or retrace steps and enjoy a pint at one of the many riverside pubs? Depending on your taste Alison is happy to make suggestions, there is something for everyone.

N.B. the walk takes about two hours and ends on the High Road, very near Turnham Green Tube.


To go on the Charming Chiswick walk meet Yorkshire lass Alison just outside the exit of Ravenscourt Park Tube.

Alison will be holding up a London Walks sign.


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8 reviews for Charming Chiswick

  1. Edwin Robinson

    What a terrifically fun walk through a fascinating area of London and led by an outstanding guide!

    This walk is not often offered – seems to be about once a month – and I happened to be in London one of the available dates. I knew little about Chiswick so took a chance based upon the London Walks’ blurb and the previous reviews. The walk vastly exceeded my expectations.

    The guide, Alison, is a fountain of knowledge about Chiswick and the walk she developed is a wonderful introduction to the area – to its architecture and the interesting people that have lived there. She paced the walk beautifully. I particularly enjoyed learning about William Hogarth and William Morris and will plan a solo trip to Chiswick to see their museums and St. Nicholas Church.

    The peaceful calm of the Thames on a Sunday morning – which we walked along for a good portion of the 2 hours – belied the fact that central London is but a few miles away.

    This walk is definitely in my top 3 or 4 of all the London Walks I have taken. Compliments to Alison for a very well developed and presented walk!

  2. Carolyn

    Having never visited this area of London before, I didn’t know what to expect, but having now been there I will definitely be back. Alison was the perfect guide, speaking clearly and knowledgeably about this area, sharing lots of information and great stories too. It certainly is Charming Chiswick with interesting places around every corner.
    Thank you, Alison.

  3. Ruth

    It was Charming Chiswick and a very charming guide.
    This was a present for me to an area of London that I am not familiar with at all.
    Alison met us at the tube station and gave an informed and interesting commentary for the entire 2 hour tour. She added anecdotes about the architecture and the people who had lived here as well as the river and even expertly fielded a question about sculling.
    The walking was well paced, the history was fascinating, and the tour was an excellent way to pass a Sunday morning

  4. Josepha Murray

    I joined Alison yesterday for her Chiswick walk. I enjoyed being introduced to the quieter streets of Hammersmith and Chiswick by the river – a different world to the main roads. Alison was a fount of information and amusing stories. The group was quite large but she projected her voice so we could all hear.

  5. Angela

    I never knew Chiswick had so much beauty and history! It truly is charming!! Alison knows her stuff and is a delightful guide because she really engages with all those on the tour. Two hours whizzed by! We did indeed return to one of her recommended pubs and had a lovely roast lunch!

  6. Christine Morgan

    Beautiful part of London that I didn’t know much about. Alison was a fabulous guide – very well-organized and explained everything nicely. She also sent a warm welcome email the night before to give people some tips about where to get coffee beforehand, what to expect, etc.

  7. Luna

    An educational and inspirational walk through Chiswick with our guide, Alison Hook, was great! Her knowledge of the place and her ability to both entertain and engage us – with historical facts, events and stories of hauntings, was a delight.
    It was an amazing journey through time and space: learning about the various historical and cultural events that occurred in Chiswick. I had no idea that so many famous people – William Morris, among many others- lived and contributed to the wealth of picturesque Chiswick. It was a fabulous way to spend two hours learning about this area of London. Highly recommended.

  8. Rebeca Perez

    Although I ‘ve lived in London for many years years, there are always beautiful hidden places to discover. Alison’s walking tour will help you uncover Chiswick’s history and its beauty.
    I didn’t mind it was a cold and rainy Sunday morning, as we walked by the Thames I got immersed into the area, learning about the people who lived there and their lives. For example Graham Green, Hamingway and William Morris to say a few. We passed by churches, beautiful houses, shops, alleyways, etc. The area is full of pubs worth visiting and some of them with haunted past.
    I loved the walk and I highly recommended and with no doubt Allison will mesmerised you with all her knowledge and stories.

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