Cambridge – “can such places be?”

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King's Cross Railway Station (meet by the mainline ticket office near the Leon cafe by the Nigel Gresley Statue

Guided by Simon

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
7 May 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
21 May 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
4 June 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
18 June 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
2 July 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
16 July 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
30 July 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
13 August 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
27 August 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
10 September 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
24 September 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
8 October 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
22 October 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
2 November 2024 Day Trip 9 am 6.30 pm Winter Reserve Online


This wonderful photo’s by Chris, a Cambridge-based professional photographer.

Short say: Miraculum orbis. Wonder of the world, annexe to heaven.

Customer’s say: “We had been on two other London Walks day trips in England several years ago. These tours were very good, and we always wanted to see Cambridge. Simon’s tour of Cambridge was excellent.  The cost is very reasonable as it includes a round-trip train to Cambridge, buses in Cambridge, the entrance to King’s College, and Simon’s leadership and commentary. Being an engineer, I wanted to hear a lot about the great scientists who studied at the Cambridge colleges. Simon had many stories, relating to Newton, Darwin, Hawking, Turning, Watson & Crick, and Sedgewick. In addition to the stories, he showed us places where these great scientists lived and worked. However, the best part of the tour was the time we spent within the King’s College Chapel. Simon sat us down and told us the background of the chapel construction and details of the beautiful stained glass windows. We capped off the day with punting on the River Cam. Don’t miss this, as you see some great sights of the colleges that you would not see otherwise. Overall, it was a great day due to Simon’s leadership, knowledge, and enthusiasm.” Craig J. St. Louis, Missouri

Long say: Cambridge. Bridge of Sighs. Mediaeval courts. Velvet-soft emerald lawns. The unearthly beauty of Kings. Newton’s room. And the garden where he experimented. That apple tree. Think of him “forever voyaging through strange seas of thought.” The calm of the tree-fringed Backs. The Cam’s willow-shrouded banks. The plaintive note of the World War II American cemetery. Darwin’s college. Stephen Hawking and The Theory of Everything. Alan Turing – yes, welcome to The Imitation Game. The pub where the structure of DNA was announced. Punting on the Cam (we get a really generous discount if you want to take a turn – or, indeed, just go along for the ride). Leafy streets and twisty alleys. Whispering wind and yellow lantern. Shadowed passage and haunted bookstore. Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall! Bicycling students. Cheese and fish stalls in the market. People who talk like books. Let alone the royal imprimatur, that new title for William and Kate – the Duke of Cambridge and his Duchess. Guided by Simon.



The meeting time for the Cambridge Tour is 9 am. The meeting point is by the main ticket office (near the Leon Cafe) of King’s Cross Railway Station.

This is a full day tour that meets back to London around   6:30pm

We go to Cambridge on selected Tuesdays from  May 7th  to  October 22nd  and on Saturday November 2nd.

The total cost per adult is £94; for super adults (over 65s), Discount Card holders, and full-time students it’s £89; and for children it’s £59.

 The charge covers the guide’s fee plus your train, coach and entrance fares.

This is not mass tourism. We limit the group size. Equally to the point, the tour can only go ahead if the uptake reaches the (low) minimum required number of participants.

So do book early 1) to make sure you get a place and 2) we can gauge the coach size we’ll need for that day’s tour. (Cambridge Railway Station is on the outskirts of Cambridge, a mile from the town centre. Which is why we charter a local coach. It meets us at the station for the trip to the town centre at the beginning of the tour and back to the station at the end of the day to catch the train back to London. You won’t have to make that long walk into and back out of Cambridge. We get you to the town centre swiftly and comfortably. And we also make use of the coach for our excursion out to the American cemetery and, en route, to see a very interesting and important part of Cambridge that’s not within walking distance.)

Basically, the day – the Cambridge Tour – has been thought through very carefully. It’s a crème de la crème excursion – the best possible way to “see Cambridge” and its environs.

We send you links for payment a few days before the tour is set to go. N.B. Re payment and refunds: it’s like buying a theatre ticket – if the show goes ahead there are no refunds. If we are not able to run the tour because of something unforeseen – a wildcat rail strike, for example – all of your money will be refunded.


“Best Tourism Experience in England”  Gold Medal Winner, Visit England

“London Walks was acknowledged as the premier walking tour company in the entire world” American Tour Guides Convention


“If this were a golf tournament every name on the Leader Board would be a London Walks guide”


Don’t just take it from us.


It’s not even close 

16 reviews for Cambridge – “can such places be?”

  1. Elizabeth

    We did the Cambridge day trip with Simon and it was one of the great highlights of our trip to London. Simon brought the history of the town, the colleges, and all the sights to life for us. He is a gifted story teller and so knowledgeable about the local history. The trip had a great balance of walking around and sightseeing versus stopping to observe and take a break. Would highly recommend this walk (and any of the London walks!! Especially with Simon). What a wonderful experience.

  2. Joanna Harrison

    Simon is not only a real character and great fun to be around he is also very knowledgeable and well organised! Our group had a wonderful day learning all about Cambridge and its world famous University. I would thoroughly recommend this walk to anyone wanting to have a fun but also informative day out!

  3. Visitor

    Great, well organized, full of small things and big ones. The best way to visit a place like Cambridge. Under the leadership of Simon Law. I’m already exiting for the next trip.

  4. Ed Wenninger

    By chance, I was on this tour in 2007 and it was one of the more memorable events of my travels. Fast forward to 2022, and when the whole family was on vacation to London, I insisted on doing the tour again.

    Much like Darwin’s Finches, the tour has evolved a bit over the years, but continues to provide a wealth of information and detail to this amazing place. Cambridge is beautiful, but Simon’s insight and descriptions add depth and character that would be missed if one wandered around unguided.

    The optional Punting at the end the tour is also highly recommended. Perhaps a bit expensive, but it provided another view that was absolutely stunning along with being a bit comical as various novice punters careen off each other – our “pilot” navigated the situation with skill!

    A slam dunk 5-star review. Highly recommended!

  5. Paul Dawson

    Absolutely fantastic all round. Simon was a great guide, and the whole day was a highlight of our visit to the London area. The colleges were beautiful and Simon helped us understand their history. King’s College Chapel was one of the most beautiful churches that I’ve ever seen and was a highlight. We also saw the Cambridge university biology museum, which was fantastic. We opted for the optional punting on the river, which was great fun and very beautiful. Would strongly recommend this tour to anyone.

  6. George W. King

    What a serendipitous thrill to have been on the inaugural London Day trip since the onset of the pandemic in early 2020. We are long time supporters of London Walks. They have contributed immensely to making London our go-to destination.

    Our guide was Simon Law. He took us on a thoroughly engaging day mostly touring one of the world’s oldest and prestigious Universities. The names and stories we learned of were at the very centre of western academic development and advancement. I won’t list out the highlights other than to say seeing specimens collected by Charles Darwin whilst on The Beagke was awe- inspiring to say the least.

    If you get a chance take in this trip please do so. Simon was engaged throughout and kept our group interested with exquisite story-telling.


    Looking forward to our next visit!

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