Medical Tour: All Around the University – Firsts & Inventions in the History of Medicine

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Russell Square underground station, London

Guided by Rick Jones or Ronnie Haydon

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Thursday Weekly 2.30 pm 4 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online


Ronnie’s Medical Tour: All Around the University begins at Russell Square  tube. She sets the scene and then we’re off, on the trail of thrilling medical discoveries and breakthroughs.

The very streets (and buildings) where they happened. Sites where medical history was made, sites which commemorate significant medical events such as the first vaccination, anaesthetic antibiotic, antiseptic, artificial insemination, free health service and the discovery of deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA.

The tour celebrates the success of the medical profession in its ongoing fight against Covid.

We end back at Russell Square tube station.


19 reviews for Medical Tour: All Around the University – Firsts & Inventions in the History of Medicine

  1. Martín Craig

    Whilst browsing in the Tate Gallery, I overheard a guide talking to his clients about the paintings. He sounded interesting, knowledgable and like he was enjoying what he was doing. Luckily, the rest of the tour seemed to coincide with the galleries I was visiting so I heard a lot more from Rick Jones. I asked him what tour it was and he explained. Later, I checked out and saw that he was doing another tour the next day, all about the history of medicine in London and it’s many “firsts”. Not of immediate interest but I decided to go and booked.
    Rick was fabulous again. I loved the tour and learnt so many fascinating things. Do yourself a favour and go on both of these tours. I can’t speak from experience but I suspect the others are great too!

  2. Todd & Carmen

    We enjoyed very much Rick Jones’ tour of University of London, medicinal inventions and discoveries. He is highly informative. We would whole heartedly recommend this walk.

  3. Suzanne

    I went with my team (who work in health policy) as part of a team building day and we all really enjoyed it. Despite working in medical and health policy we learnt so much from Rick and our eyes were opened to the history of medicine, science and the arts, right on our doorstep. Rick shared an incredible amount of information in an accessible and engaging way. I would highly recommend it.

  4. Kevin Smith

    Having studied at The School of Pharmacy in Brunswick Square, my wife and I were delighted to see it as the first port of call after meeting up with our excellent guide, Rick, at Russell Square tube station. Enlightening and enchanting from that point onwards, there’s so much to see and take on board as to the medical firsts that have originated in a very small part of London, Rick, I believe suggested at least 10 at the end of our splendid walk. Looking forward to doing another London Walk, simply the best!

  5. Abigail Franklin

    This was an A+ tour. Who knew that just within a few blocks so many medical inventions and discoveries were made! Rick was chock full of great facts, interesting stories, and good cheer. I liked the tour so much that I tried to recreate it for my friend the following day. I learned a lot and had a fun time doing so. Truly wonderful.

  6. Mary Barry

    I really enjoyed this walk. Rick was an excellent guide, very knowledgable, made the subject interesting. On quite a few of the ‘stops’ we were able to rest by sitting on convenient seats, steps etc which was very much appreciated.

  7. Olena

    Very interesting walk about the history of medicine development and great people who contributed to it. The area is nice with the University vibes and forward-thinking spirit. Rick is a very knowledgeable guide with an artistic approach. Highly recommend the walk.

  8. Jenny Adamson

    I chose this tour because I hoped it would provide some historical context to the last couple of years, where science and medicine suddenly stepped to the forefront of our lives … it didn’t disappoint. Rick had all facts to hand and some fascinating human accounts linked to the area. He was also really patient with our questions! I would thoroughly recommend.

  9. Carol Anne Davey

    An absolutely fascinating tour. Rick was a mine of such useful information which really enhanced my love of London and understanding of the vital role played by the the City in significant medical and scientific development. If you didn’t love London before you will after this tour!

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