Virtual  Mayflower in London, the Untold Story

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25 November 2021 Special 6 pm 7.15 pm Winter

London played a much larger role in the Mayflower journey than just the familiar story of Rotherhithe, the home of Master Jones and the starting point and final resting place of the ship herself. This walk will take us beyond the usual story to the untold stories of the Mayflower.

The importance of the Merchant Adventurers from the City of London is often overlooked. It is these people that supplied the finance and the organisation for the expedition, chose the Mayflower ship and its crew, and recruited the strangers. Without the finance from the City the Mayflower could not have sailed to America, and we would have no Mayflower story to celebrate. Charles Edward Banks the world renowned Mayflower specialist claims that one of the sites in the City of London is more worthy of remembrance than the quays at Southampton and Plymouth. This is where key characters in the Mayflower story lived and worshipped.

Following a trip over the river we will discover the Pilgrim church, prison which held religious dissenters and the place where some were executed. Follow in the footsteps of people of the 1600s, as we visit a theatre, pubs and a market which survive today.

Chris Green, Blue Badge Guide, will be our guide for this walk. Chris created the official Mayflower guided walk of Rotherhithe through her company, Heritage and Arts for the Southwark Borough Council. Heritage and Arts also created the official self guided walking route through the City for the Corporation of London and are endorsed by the national Mayflower 400 UK programme.


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