Just up, new podcast: William III, James II & “the curse and pest of Europe”

Date post added: 19th August 2023

William III, James II and “the curse & pest of Europe”

Kensington Palace & William III

Guide Isobel guides “a smart Georgian suburb” (plus ‘Manhattan on Thames’ and Phwoar! Rupert Murdoch and his 29-year-old Chinese ‘squeeze’)

Interview with legendary London Walks guide Simon Law

Trafalgar Square Redux 14 – Famous People who Lived in Trafalgar Square plus Dawn Chorus & Karl Marx

Ann’s cats round-up, James Bond’s drinks round-up & old fashioned voting

My American accent, what Goliath met up with and what happened to the runaway horses

What makes a great walking tour – the Kensington Walk

Update on ITN Editor Stewart Purvis’s Spies of Hampstead Walk and Sundries

Come together, right now – Adam on the Abbey Road crosswalk

Go figure!

Best local knowledge ever & why Brits drive on the left

Au pairs, driving on the wrong side of the road, cats, dogs & Brexit

The Big Bang Moment – Guide David’s first 90 minutes in London

Another (closing fast) sell out and a taste of the Kensington Walk

Hampstead Spies* Summer Schedule *Guided by former ITN Editor Stewart Purvis CBE

Guiding a great London building

Sewers, saints & rats

“If you can see into the seeds of time”

1600 clocks, vaginal tautness, Wiry Sal

He wasn’t just murdered, he was tortured

Gossipy, foodie social history

War is coming

Sex-crazed London, the Garrick Club exposé & the distinguished diplomat’s new walk

Trafalgar Square Redux 13 – the first equestrian statue in England

Mother’s Day – A Feel Good Podcast

Body Snatchers & the London Walks Customer Who Blew It

Trafalgar Square Redux 12 – the statue nobody knows

Trafalgar Square Redux 11 – the keystone in the arch

Final whistle coming on his rugby tour – Rick scores a try

Trafalgar Square Redux 10 – the Quarterdeck

John is homeless (this podcast is dedicated to the memory of Alice)

New Yorker Says London’s Better

Trafalgar Square Redux 9 – The National Gallery

Sin City London

This strange, enigmatic and erotic painting

Valentine’s Day – Venus & Cupid

The Rugby Tour podcast (to accompany the Six Nations Championship)

Trafalgar Square Redux 8 – St Martin-in-the-Fields

Rollout – Eight New London Walks!

How the West End Was Won

The Old London Walk

Trafalgar Square Redux 7 – the National Gallery’s Foul Air Vents

Foodies, Spies, Jeeves – this Weekend’s Specials

Urban Geology Tours are Back!!!!

Trafalgar Square Redux 6 – George Washington

Trafalgar Square Redux 5 – Epilogue to an Empire

Trafalgar Square Redux 4 – “the reason why”

Trafalgar Square Redux 3 – “hidden in plain sight”

Trafalgar Square Redux 2 – the Death of Nelson

Trafalgar Square Unveiled

The Happy New Year! London Walks Podcast

The best Walks for Christmas shopping

Uncovering Roman London – Archaeologist Kevin Sifts Through the Evidence

Foodies London guide Ann sets the history of the Christmas Pudding alight

Old Westminster Walk Fanfare

Pickpockets & Partygate, Cats & Cafes

What shall we do after the walk? Got any suggestions?

The Week Ahead & Some Juicy Extras

A Retrospective – London Walks in 1980

The Weather in London

A Potpourri 

The Summit – Up on the Roof of London

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Approaching London’s Poshest Neighbourhood

The 1,000th London Walks Podcast


Death Comes for the Poet

Ann’s Foodies’ London podcast

London Life, Language, Witches & a Wunderbar tip

Connecting the historical and literary dots on September 25th

Guided by a magician (plus a don’t listen if you’re squeamish history episode)

Circumcision, Moustaches, Premature Burial & the British Empire 

What happened in London on the day the United States of America became the United States of America?

The great American reporter Edward R Murrow describes Black Saturday, the first day of the Blitz

A podcast to mark the anniversary of that Saturnalia of horrors – the start of the Autumn of Terror

The Bank Holiday Monday Potpourri

August 24th, 1714 – Washington DC burns down, Londoners read about a mermaid

What’s special about the Mrs Dalloway’s London Walk

The start-the-week specials. And some London history.

After a two week break, the London Walks podcast is back. It’s titled Rough, Ready, Riotous, Raunchy Upper Class London.

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