The Rugby Tour – to Accompany the Six Nations Tournament

This is Guide Rick Jones’ – yes, that Rick Jones, the distinguished London Arts Critic – Rick Jones’ introduction to his Friday afternoon Rugby Tour. As per the title the walk’s been created and is given “to accompany the Six Nations Tournament.” It takes place every Friday afternoon while the tournament’s on – i.e., through March 15th.

The podcast gives you the measure of the tour. And of the guide. Yes, listen closely. This is a podcast in blank verse. Rick Jones is the only guide in London able to speak, off the cuff, in blank verse. Is it any wonder we get nothing but rave reviews about his walks? The podcast would be fun and fascinating were it presented normally. Presenting it in blank verse pushes the fun and fascinating quotients into the stratosphere. Lost in admiration and wonder, I am. How does he do it? The wattage he’s got between his ears, I’m thinking it’s maybe beyond measuring. So take what I said about getting the measure of the guide with a big grain of salt. It’s the London Walks podcast equivalent of an unforgettable try – and that’s try as in grounding the ball in the opposition’s goal area – a rugby try – as opposed to try as in “attempt.”

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