A great American reporter describes the first day of the mass air attacks on London

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Story time. History time.

It’s September 7th. Time to get back in the saddle.

Wasn’t going to miss this one. It’s the date that did the trick.

September 7th, 1940. Extremely important day in London history. The day hell came out of the London skies. The day the mass air attacks on London began.

And I think we’ll go first hand with this one. Hand over to the great American reporter Edward R Murrow. The very least you can say is for once I’m not going to have a problem with the accent.

At the time, Edward R. Murrow was 32 years old. He couldn’t have been more American. “A mixture of Scottish, Irish, English and, yes, German descent.” He’d been in London for three years, working for CBS. Nothing brought the war home to Americans like Murrow’s live, terse, highly descriptive broadcasts from London during the Blitz. After the war of course he went back to the United States and career-wise didn’t break stride. His reporting and commentary was brilliant and historically important. His See It Now Show that criticised McCarthyism and the Red Scare led to the political downfall of the rabid rabble-rousing Senator from Wisconsin who wrought so much havoc. One critic described that June 15th, 1953 broadcast as “a landmark in television and a milestone in the cultural life of the 50s.”

Edward R. left us in 1965. He was in good company. 1965 was the year Winston Churchill died.

The Edward R. Murrow broadcast I’m now going to run up the flag pole of the London Walks podcast was aired on September 8th, 1940. It began, as always, with Edward R. Murrow’s signature opening. This….is London.

[The Edward R Murrow broadcast follows]

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By way of example,

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subsequently CEO) of Independent

Television News. And Lisa Honan

who had a distinguished career as

diplomat (Lisa was the Governor of

St Helena, the island where Napoleon

breathed his last and, some say, had

his penis amputated – Napoleon

didn’t feel a thing – if thing’s the mot

juste – he was dead.)

Stewart and Lisa – both of them

CBEs – are just a couple of our

headline acts.

The London Walks All-Star team of

guides includes a former London

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And on that agreeable note…come then, let us go forward together on some great London Walks.

And that’s by way of saying, Good Londoning one and all. See ya next time.

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