Green Park Tube, Green Park exit (by the fountain) | Map

Guided by Richard IV

Short version. Illustrious Clients. Greek Interpreters. Naval Treaties. Prime Ministers, secret agents and a certain gracious Lady. 

Long version. Holmes and Watson among the great and the good, discovering that crime is equally prevalent in High Society. The St James club where Holmes went to consult the mysterious Langdale Pike. Holmes' clever brother Mycroft, who sometimes was the British government: his lodgings in Pall Mall and the Diogenes Club. The library where Dr Watson did vital research to trap a devious murderer. The little door where the Kaiser's masterspy went to deliver his secret codes (until Sherlock stopped him). The original Scotland Yard. And why the area was familiar to a certain A. Conan Doyle. Follow the trail of Holmes and Watson in pursuit of missing submarine plans, mysterious ladies and devious politicians. This Tour du Jour is guided by actor Richard IV, he of the velvety voice. N.B. the walk takes about two hours and ends near Embankment Tube and Charing Cross (Railway Station and Tube).


The Sherlock Holmes Saves the Nation walk takes place at 10.45 am on Saturday, September 14.

The meeting point is just outside the Green Park exit (by the fountain) of Green Park Tube.

The walk is guided by actor Richard IV,* he of the velvety voice, perfect timing and Audiobook renown. 

*Yes, that Richard IV, the Audiobooks stalwart. If he sounds familiar it's because you've heard those dulcet tones on A Book at Bedtime, etc. Today you get to meet the man behind the voice.


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