Alfred Hitchcock's London - More than 39 Steps!
For almost half his life (and nearly half his movies) Alfred Hitchcock was based in London. Even when he went to Hollywood he continued to use British characters and themes. This walk is an affectionate celebration of the London he knew and locations used in his films from the 1920s to the 1970s. The theatres associated with his stars like Robert Donat, Tallulah Bankhead and Ivor Novello. One of his favourite restaurants. Locations for sequences in his silent classic The Lodger, his first sound film Blackmail, and others, including his terrifying farewell to London in Frenzy. It’s the story of his life and work, and how his early brilliance as a director almost ended his career. All this, plus following in the footsteps of a tour Hitch himself gave to Ingrid Bergman back in 1948. A tribute to the Master of Suspense in the city he knew best. 
To go on the Alfred Hitchcock's London walk meet the seriously talented Richard IV outside the main exit of HolbornTube.
The "Late Comers Catch-up Stop" is the stunning Sicilian Avenue, followed by historic old Bloomsbury Square.
The walk ends near EmbankmentTube (and Charing CrossTube).