“As an offshore island, on the edge of a continent, Britain has an extraordinarily rich geology. Pumped, pummelled and folded by tectonic activity for three billion years, it has a variety of underlying strata not found on a great landmass. A traveller across the United States might go for hundreds of miles before noting a change in scenery; in most parts of England changes come thick and fast, influenced by over 700 types of soil and their underlying geology” (Simon Thurley).


On Saturday, March 16 Ruth will be guiding her Building and Rebuilding the Thames Embankment walk. It goes at 2.30 pm from St. Paul’s  Tube Station (exit 2)

On Saturday, May 4 Ruth will be guiding her Urban Geology in St Giles walk. It goes at 2.30 pm from Tottenham Court Road  Tube Station (Exit 2, meet outside the Dominion Theatre).

On Saturday, June 29 Ruth will be guiding her Geology and Building Stones in the City of Westminster walk. It goes at 2.30 pm from Westminster  Underground Station (Exit 4, opposite Big Ben)

The fourth walk in Ruth’s Urban Geology series is Geology & Building Stones in the City of London walk. It launched the series, taking place on Saturday, February 10, 2024. It will be rescheduled in due course. Watch this space. The meeting point is Bank  Tube Station, London (exit 1, on the corner of Poultry and Princes Street).


Ruth is a top-flight, award-winning, professional geologist. She researches geological materials used in art, architecture and archaeology. She is interested in the natural history of cities and this includes the fossils and crystals that we walk past every day. Ruth has appeared on the BBC World Service programme Science Now and regularly writes and blogs on building stones.


A wonderful, entertaining, fascinating walk. Ruth was marvellous.  Joseph Cowan, February 10, 2024