Urban Geology in St Giles

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Tottenham Court Road Underground Station, Exit 2 (meet outside the Dominion Theatre)

Guided by Ruth

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
7 September 2024 Tour du Jour 2.30 pm 4.30 pm Summer Reserve Online

Urban Geology in St Giles

This walk – guided by the distinguished Geologist Ruth Siddall– will look at the geology of building materials in the ‘Rookery’ of St Giles. Once a place associated with poverty and vice, this part of midtown London is now a thriving business and shopping centre. The walk will look at the history of building materials here from the 17th Century Church of St George’s Bloomsbury to the 2022 installation of street furniture as art: ‘Swivel’ by Sabine Marcellus.

This group of public seating in the form of swivel chairs in St Giles Square are made of a selection of particularly exotic and colourful stones sourced from around the globe.


Ruth’s the real deal – she’s a top-flight, award-winning, professional geologist.


4 reviews for Urban Geology in St Giles

  1. Sue

    This is the second walk that I have done with Ruth and again, it was brilliant. Lots of wonderful looking stones and details about their formation and usage. Fossil oysters to swivel chairs, pub stones to Portland limestone, it was all there. It will be hard to drop “pegmatite granite ” into a conversation, but I will try! Ruth is so enthusiastic about her subject, I am just about to book her June Westminster walk.

  2. Huw

    The St Giles geology walk was absolutely fascinating. Ruth did a superb job of pointing out the geological details of the stones we saw at each site as well as providing interesting back stories for how the they ended up there. I’ll definitely be taking a closer look at the pavements and buildings next time I visit a new city …!

  3. Mary Crossey

    A fascinating walk. And a really interesting guide. Will never look at London buildings – or pavements- the same way again!

  4. Joseph Cowan

    What a wonderful guided walk. We learned so much. Ruth makes the experience great fun. I cannot recommend highly enough

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