Wonderful Walworth – Award-winning guide Isobel invites you home

Walworth is unsung. It shouldn’t be. It’s the London of Charlie Chaplin and Michael Caine. Charles Babbage was born in Walworth. Walworth was where the campaign for old age pensions began. It plays a very important role in Dickens’s greatest novel. The first giraffes seen in public in England were kept in Walworth. It’s star guide Isobel’s home patch. The list goes on and on. Most important of all, though, Walworth has a good claim to being the friendliest neighbourhood in London. Isobel – who’s a great favourite of all of her neighbours – is pretty sure she’s worked out what it is about Walworth, why it’s so neighbourly. This is a very good listen. As is the walk Isobel does “on her turf” (there’s no better get-to-know-local-London walk in the entire London Walks repertory!). Here’s to SE 17 – and to your great love for it, Isobel.

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