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Wodehouse’s London – Brought to you by Audiobook Performer Richard Burnip

Feast for the ears.  It’s Joy in the Morning to know that P.G. Wodehouse’s London – the London of Jeeves and Bertie and Aunt Dahlia and Psmith and Tuppy Glossop and Lord Emsworth and the Drones Club – is still there. And that we can see it – be taken round it – by a consummate professional. The very houses. Aunt Dahlia’s, for example. Let alone the house of The Master himself. Joy not just in the morning but the livelong day (and evening) that we can be shown round it by someone who knows the books, loves them and has the vocal brilliance to do justice to the most exquisitely crafted prose – cut, polished, gemlike, every single phrase, every single sentence – any of us will ever experience. Richard reminds us that “genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains” and that Wodehouse met that requirement. I, David, am here to tell you now that this actor, this guide, this scholar, this reader – Richard – meets that same requirement. Now sit back – you’re on the threshold of a very good listen. No exaggeration to say it makes you want to shimmer over to, order up one of Richard’s many performances, and, well, have him read it to you.

2 responses to “Wodehouse’s London – Brought to you by Audiobook Performer Richard Burnip”

  1. Katharina O'Grady says:

    Thank you for this Podcast! In fact, one of the things that helped me keep sane and not lose my mind during various times of my life was the books and stories by PG Wodehouse.

  2. Nancy Hall Burkett says:

    Hi Mary and David. Loved this! Will take the walk next time I’m in London.

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