“Where they watch the clouds” – Fiona takes us there

Fabulous white stuccoed terraces – blue of the sky – green of the park – whole area is like a jewel box – awkward space to get to – through the little door in a corner – secret staircase – like an air traffic controller’s room – the coldest place in the universe – a lovely little interlude – sunset over London with a nice bottle of wine – we get the little echo of “Wow, that is amazing” – we also get a lot of Londoners who are exploring their own city – it’s all about the journey of discovery and the people you take that journey with. [Ok, my, David’s reaction: “I could listen to this beautiful woman all day.”]

One response to ““Where they watch the clouds” – Fiona takes us there”

  1. julia harrison says:

    You bring your work to life, and the story, with the secret room at its heart, is beautifully told.

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