“What were you doing when the lockdown came?” – Richard III remembers

Richard III’s play was about to open – the technical rehearsal – March 16, 2020 – the choir – “we didn’t really believe that that would happen” – the virus – three scenes into the play – the general manager of the theatre was listening to the news – “I think we have to stop and listen to the news” – cinemas and theatres and pubs being closed – “we have to continue, we have to keep going” – “I don’t think we can go on” – “you’ll do it, we’ll do it and I’ll come back and sing in your play after this is all over”

One response to ““What were you doing when the lockdown came?” – Richard III remembers”

  1. Susan Yosef says:

    What a wonderful idea for a play! Would love to see it one day.
    On March 16th I headed out to a London walk, unaware of the ‘news’. The guide (I believe it was the great Peter G.) wasn’t sure if the walk should proceed or not, but since myself and a gentleman from the Isle of Man showed up, he decided to do the walk with us. I will always remember this last evening of my vacation as a truly special one. Thank you Peter and London Walks!

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