What is a virus? In the Red Zone with Dr Hunter

“A virus cannot exist on its own. It has to burrow into another cell, cause havoc within that cell, infect it and then that cell explodes…” – a rock created by ancient organisms – Hadean Time, the time of the fire – life may have been brought from another part of the universe on a meteorite – open your mouth and touch the top of your teeth – the Cambrian, our era, begins about 541 million years ago – life is a molecule telling proteins how to work – I’m standing in the Natural History Museum – paleontologist, science guide and tutor at Cambridge Univerity – to see the best fossils you have to… – a whole series of organisms – for only around 630 million years – From the Beginning – tells the story from the beginning of existence – takes you through the history of earth – earth was literally a molten ball – viruses remind us that our planet, in fact our universe always starts out with a very small building block – lightning and water and some very simple chemical reactions – Aaron makes complicated things easy to understand – superb exposition – this brilliant young Cambridge scientist makes science fun – Enjoy!

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