“We’re walking in Oscar’s footsteps, he’s there with us”

Here’s Simon W. – one of the brightest stars in the London Walks constellation – talking about his Oscar Wilde walk. The outdoor Oscar Wilde walk – NOT the Oscar Wilde Virtual Tour. Where it goes, what you’ll see – ok, some of what you’ll see – and just generally what this one’s got going for it. Hint: it’s got a great deal going for it. Simon Whitehouse is one of the four or five best guides in London and this is his favourite walk. That in itself speaks volumes.


“he’s sitting there in a coffin”

“they might be a little bit hesitant about going down this passageway”

“another 18th-century town house’

“what I want people to do is get the sense of the world Oscar Wilde was living and working in”

“it’s in a sense a lost world”

“it’s a private residence”

“that’s the building where Oscar sets the opening scene of The Importance of Being Earnest”

“people wouldn’t know that unless it was pointed out by one of us”

“he’s the greatest dramatist of the last 200 years and the greatest conversationalist of any age”

“We’re walking in Oscar’s footsteps, he’s there with us”



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