Victorian London – served up by “the world’s greatest guide” (Travel & Leisure)

London is essentially a Victorian city. So, fitting in the extreme that The Story of London virtual tour series should climax with Karen’s Victorian London episode.

This podcast is a live audio recording of the first few minutes of that episode. In a word, it’s exhilarating. Karen’s a “lark rising” guide in every tour she does – so much energy and vivacity and enthusiasm and cup overfloweth with intelligence and learning – so to marry her up with the fireworks extravaganza of everything the Victorians got up to, well, that’s a buckle-your-seatbelt and hold-on-to-your-hat ride.

It’s Discovering London at its best.

For the record, The Story of London series will be coming back early in the new year. It gets underway on January 6, 2021.



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