Today’s the second day of Christmas, so…

Very informative and great fun. Chris had the idea of using the English Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas as the jumping-off point for a tour of London the likes of which is brand new and unique. Basically Chris “London riffs” on those gifts that cascade in on the twelve days of Christmas. By riffs I mean she takes wing on the strength of those gifts – uses them as a catapult to range across London and across the centuries. Sees where she can go in London, what she can conjure up, what we can drop in on, historically and geographically, with those gifts as “booster rockets.”

It’s a treat. Very creative. Lots of unexpecteds. I mean, how do you go wrong seeing London with two turtle doves and three French hens! In short, fantastic history and lovely visuals, a pas de deux. Turns London into an enchanted forest. Good fun.

This podcast is a live recording of the second and third days of Christmas gifts.

N.B., this virtual tour is such a delight that I think I’ll probably put up a couple more segments before this Christmas season is over. I mean, the twelfth day of Christmas – how better end Christmas 2020 than letting Chris and twelve drummers have the last word. And maybe I’ll even sneak in another one somewhere over the course of the next week or so.



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