“This is the essential walk to do”

This is Part II of barrister (and guide) Tom Hooper’s witty, charming and informative talk about the Famous Square Mile Walk. (The reference to counting sheep is an inside joke. In his Meet Your Guide – Tom the barrister biker interview talked about his growing up on a farm in Cornwall and it came out that one of his chores as a kiddiewink was going to the back 40 and counting the sheep.)


“getting an insight into how a place has become what it is”

“this is the essential walk to do”

“they said they would never have known they were there”

it’s stepping back into a twisty turny world”

“when you turn a corner and you see an old churchyard that’s now a garden it has a small ‘Wow’ factor”

“it’s quite different from anywhere else in London”

“you see people responding, thinking ‘my goodness what’s down there?'”

“it’s this unexpected item and place that you go to time after time on the walk”

“outpost of the royal grocer”

“they said, ‘I had no idea something like this existed'”

“that network of tiny little alleyways is so complicated, so intricate…”

“this is one of the essential walks to go on if you’re going to come to London”


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